The Legend

The Legend of Jackson Street BBQ goes back 30 something years to the halls of a Houston high school. Back then, young and aspiring chefs looked to the future with optimism and friendship in mind.

Hometown heros join forces to add extra flavor to the Houston bbq scene.


As far as high school buddies go, you’ll find no duo as talented in the kitchen and BBQ pit as Bryan Caswell and “Bryan and Gaitlin met at St. Thomas high school & knew they’d open a restaurant.” Greg Gatlin. These two high school sweet hearts, both shared the same love interest, food. Bryan and Gaitlin met at St. Thomas High school and knew they’d open a restaurant someday.

Being pulled apart by life like many friends, the two pursuited different ventures until an oportunity arose to work together. The new business venture dubbed, Jackson Street BBQ was born and has been serving downtown houston since the summer of 2015.